Neck Scarves

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Dear Readers,

I have always loved the vintage look of neck scarves or neckerchiefs, to me the have always symbolized this classy element, that suddenly make any outfit look more sophisticated and elegant. WELL, when neck scarves came back into style I was so excited. Some of my favourite bloggers like Jenny Cipoletti from Margot and Me, or Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, started wearing them and I could not wait to get my hands on a couple of them.


And since I picked up a few scarves I can’t stop wearing them!! I need to pick up more. Not only do they look fantastic as a scarf, but they are great for attaching to a tote, or wearing as a headband!

The two neck scarves I am wearing are from Gap Factory’s spring collection. (Side note I work at the Gap Factory, so a lot of what I wear is from Gap, Banana Republic, or Oldnavy!)

Here are great instructions how to tie a neck scarf from


A few places to pick up a neck scarf are, the Gap, J. Crew, Zara,  and even Old Navy is picking up on the trend!

Well I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do!! And I am sure more of my future posts will contain neck scarves in them!



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