Spring Cleaning

Dear Readers,

While coming back from school and moving back into my family home has lots of perks, packing and unpacking is not one of them. First of all, I have a serious clothing addiction… and I have a really hard time getting rid of clothing, but unfortunately it has to be done. Especially when my mother keeps stressing the fact that A) we are moving into a new home in a few months and B) I am moving abroad and can not take my entire wardrobe with me..  I have always donated my clothing to charities, so I encourage others to do the same!

In order to push myself to getting rid of clothing I have come up with a few guide lines to help me minimize my wardrobe.. BUT I guess that does mean new space will be open for new items to find their way in!

  1. If you have not worn it in a couple of years chances are you are not going to wear it again. There are a couple of tops that I know I loved in high school and did not want to rid of thinking, they will come back in style again… but sometimes you have to face the music and realize you are not going to wear it again. BUT always hold on to special dresses and outfits that maybe you have only worn once, like a prom dress, or a NYE dress!
  2. Too small. Keeping around a couple of size 0 jeans because they fit you five years ago and you swear you are going to loose the 15 pounds to fit back into them. Love your body the way it is!! You are not expected to stay the same size you were when you were sixteen!
  3. Clone Clothing. Having multiple floral dresses that are all a tad different are not necessary, keeping a few black tops or white blouses those are okay to have multiples of, but signature pieces like three red, white, pink floral dresses are not necessary.
  4. Damaged. That blouse that is missing a couple of buttons that has been hanging up in your closet for two years now. Be realistic, are you really going to fix it? Probably not, so toss it!
  5. The random collection of t-shirts. I have soooo many random over sized t-shirts, from fundraisers, concerts, musicals, high school, volunteer work, the list goes on and on. I went through and selected a couple of my favourite shirts that had the best memory for me. (I might have gone with saving a One Direction concert t-shirt, and a Mary Poppins musical shirt, but that does say a lot about me)
  6. Old Shoes. To me shoes always make the outfit, so that means they should be kept in top appearance, but sadly enough shoes do not last forever. Once shoes have gone out of style they should be passed on, I finally said goodbye to my first designer flats that I bought when I was fourteen.. I literally haven’t worn them in years, but I should couldn’t toss them. But finally the day came and I said goodbye.

Well I hope a few of these guide lines will help with closet purges!! I also think writing out a few guidelines means I need to follow them as well! So happy Spring cleaning!




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