Denim Casual

Dear Readers,

I have never been much of jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, especially light coloured denim or ripped jeans. BUT for whatever reason I have started to take a liking to denim, especially for casual outfits. My personal favourite has become the “Girlfriend” jean at the Gap (that is what I am wearing in this outfit). They have a loose feel like the “Boyfriend” jean, but are more fitted, much more flattering and literally the most comfortable pair of jeans in the world.

When jeans are worn the right way the can still have a put together look to them. Especially when paired with a white or light blue blouse, a nice top, or a light knit sweater. One of my favourite causal outfits for the perfect Saturday is my light Girlfriend jeans with just a bit of a rip to them, and a white off the shoulder shirt, paired with white converse. Comfy and casual, plus who doesn’t love the excuse to wear sneakers?


My white off the shoulder shirt and Girlfriend jeans are a casual look. It is not a look for work, or a nice dinner, but it is perfect for a road trip (I was on a road trip to Quebec when I wore this outfit), or a Saturday morning trip to the market!




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