Luxurious Luckett’s

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One of my favourite places in the Nova Scotian valley is, Luckett’s Vineyard. The valley is in the wine country of Nova Scotia, and there are multiple vineyards in the area, but Luckett’s is something else. The Vineyard is located about ten minutes outside of Wolfville. Once you turn onto the road that leads you to the vineyard, you literally feel like you are somewheres else in the world, like you teleported to Italy in a matter of seconds. The owner is Pete Luckett, a Brit, who is always on the scene, pouring wine and entertaining guests.



I have been a few times, but the most recent visit I was on a wine tour visiting different vineyards. This time we did not eat at the restaurant, it was so busy. SO instead we decided to pick up wine, cheese, and crackers from the vineyard shop and we had our own picnic, and I honestly think it was the simplest yet but luxurious decision, and I am pretty sure everyone on  the patio was jealous of us. BUT if you do have the chance to eat at the restaurant, it is so delicious and I 100% recommend!!!


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One of the most unique touches at Luckett’s is the red phone booth that sits in the middle of the vineyard. This British phone booth allows visitors to make a call anywheres in the world!! The first time I went I called my father, but a friend of mine called her mother, and her mother did not answer, but as we were walking away the phone booth rang and sure enough it was her mother calling back the unknown number!!



This was my first visit to Luckett’s in 2014!

Another highlight on visiting vineyards is getting to pick a vineyard approved outfit!! I am currently obsessed with the long/ midi length dress style. I feel like there is such a elegance yet simplicity to these dresses. I actually switched up what I was going to wear the day before as I stopped at Superstore to print off pictures before heading to Wolfville, and I spotted this dress at Joe Fresh, and I knew it was perfect! I also picked up a pair of navy blue ballet flats to match the dress. I can always count on Joe Fresh!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.15.51 PM
Joe Fresh

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.16.58 PM.pngThe only recommendation I would have about visiting vineyards and doing wine tours is to bring sunscreen!! Even in the middle of May I managed to get a huge sunburn on my chest… and it actually last for a few days! Hope this post gets you in the summer spirit, and encourages you to make a trip to either Luckett’s or another vineyard in your area!





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