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Rediscovering your own city

Dear Readers,

First of all I love my city. I love where I have spent the majority of my life, and it isn’t just because it is filled with familiar faces, or that I have known it my entire life. I love it because of the history, the art, the culture, and the beauty that it offers. Well, I guess I technically live in a suburb town outside of the city, which historically was the area where people from the city had their summer houses and once upon a time a train would take people out to the country for the summer months. So, I live outside of the city Saint John. Saint John, is actually the oldest incorporated city in Canada since it was established in 1785 (which is old for Canadian standards). I think that people tend to take their own cities for granted and forget to take the time to appreciate what is wonderful about their home. SO, I was to reiterate why I think Saint John, New Brunswick is worthing loving.


ECMA’s (East Coast Music Awards) were actually held here this past April, and the program was awesome. It lasted four days (I went to a couple shows, and the awards Gala), and it was so much fun! East Coast Artists like Classified, David Myles, Ria Mae, and Heather Rankin all performed over the weekend. I went to check out the awards Gala with my mother, and a couple of other concerts that were held at Market Square. My parents were even crazy enough to attend the six am shows that were broadcasted on CBC Radio! It was just such a fun exciting event to happen in Saint John.

Harbour Station: East Coast Music Awards

Not to mention there are also multiple great pubs, and bars uptown! They are definitely on the smaller scale, but I love going out to them because I always end up knowing a good handful of people there! Recently, a new Bar Arcade “Eighty-Three Bar Arcade” opened up, and it is this super cool bar that is filled with vintage Arcade games and they are showing 80s music videos inside. I went with a couple of friends a few weeks ago on a Sunday evening, and it was packed in there!!

The Ale House
Eighty-Three Bar Arcade

Not to forget about so many great restaurants that we have uptown!! (In Saint John we call our “downtown,” “uptown” instead due to the fact you have to go up a hill to get there!) My favourite restaurant for dinner is East Coast Bistro, for lunch it’s Urban Deli and Britt’s is my favourite for brunch, which is my favourite meal of the day! I also really love Thai food so Lemon Grass/ Pepper is a great place to go for Pad Thai or any other Thai dish. I love going out to eat way too much!! I just love the atmosphere of being in a nice or fun restaurant!

East Coast Bistro Scallop Carbonara
Britt’s Fish Cake Eggs Benedict
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Lemongrass/ Peppers Vegetarian Pad Thai

Plus check out these awesome fireworks that were held on May 18th to celebrate Saint John’s 232nd Birthday! On May 18th 1783 3000 Loyalist made there way up from New York state to the Saint John River, where they established the city of Saint John!

May 18th Fireworks


Well as many of you probably know by now I am a Public Programmer at the New Brunswick Museum, so the NBM is probably one of my favourite places in Saint John. The New Brunswick Museum is actually the oldest continuing museum in Canada, and this year it celebrated it’s 175th birthday! The collection is older than Canada, can you believe that? Even though the exhibition centre does not change that often a really cool thing for locals to partake in its the Uptown walking tour that is offered Monday – Friday from 3-5pm, or one of the Thursday night special topic walking tours offered from 6:30 – 7:30pm. These tours are fantastic to re-discover what the beautiful city of Saint John has to offer, plus the Thursday night tour has a different topic each week!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The original New Brunswick Museum (it’s now used as a collection centre where curators work)

The Arts

First of all, Saint John is home to the Imperial Theatre, one of the most gorgeous theatres in Canada. There are also great performing groups like the Saint John Theatre Company, Interactions Theatre Company, Kennebecasis Valley Players, Connections Dancework’s, and so many more! These groups put on different plays, musicals, and dance shows all the time! In April I went to the BMO Theatre to see a Connections Dancework’s performance, and it was really unique and fantastic! The little BMO Theatre is cool and unnoticeable from the street, it really makes you feel like you are in the midst of a big city! Plus it had the “Dr. T.J. Elckleburg” sign from the Great Gatsby on display in their lobby (They performed the play in 2015) and that was a huge bonus for me.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
BMO Theatre


Not to mention there are so many beautiful shops uptown Saint John!! Like Tuck, the super cool design store that actually makes me feel like I am living in Scandinavia again! Or clothing stores like Envy, Lordon, and Ella that are all filled with gorgeous and stylish designs.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Tuck Studio


To conclude every city is full of all sorts of exciting & interesting things, but sometime’s its super easy to forget about whats there! Take a day, be a tourist in your own city! See what trip advisor recommends that you do, take a tour of your city, or go into the restaurant you always pass by and think I should go there sometime! You never know what you’re missing out on!



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The new addition to Harbour Passage

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