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Packing for a Year Abroad

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetDear Readers,

Well summer 2017 has finally come to an end. I personally had a wonderful summer and I was sad to see it go, but I am fortunate enough to start a new exciting adventure! I have just moved to the Glasgow in Scotland. I chose to move to Glasgow because of a specific grad program that the University of Glasgow offers on Art History: Dress and Textiles, so basically I am studying the history of Fashion while I am here!

The hardest challenge for personally moving aboard, after dealing with Visa’s, paperwork, and such is PACKING. I hate packing, because I am so bad at deciding what I actually need vs what I want vs what I think I might need.

This time around I decided to create a written packing list, and work from that instead of just taking things out of my closet, and it worked so much better, I really feel that I didn’t over pack as much as I usually would. I thought I would share a few tips that help me with packing. I limited my packing to two suitcases, because that is the easiest to manoeuvre on your own, plus a duffle bag as a carry on, and then a good size purse.

Tips for packing for a Year Abroad:

  • Know the weather & climate of where you are going!!! Scotland is rainy, so I needed to pack good boots, and an all weather coat, while leaving behind sandals!
  • Choose a colour to go with so it is easier to mix and match outfits. I tend to weather a lot of black, so I chose black, grey, taupe, and white items to pack.
  • Pack dresses and skirts that can be worn with or without tights so you can wear them for more than one season!
  • Don’t pack multiples, try to stick to one black t-shirt, one white collared blouse. You will be able to do laundry so no reason to fill up valuable space with three different styles of black t-shirts.
  • Pack one of each style of shoe: causal sneaker e.g. Converse, or Superga, ballet flat or loafer, ankle boots, healed ankle boots (these can double as going out shoes or also usable for a fancier outfit) and a running sneaker.
  • Pack a coat that is good for going out, I packed a black bomber that is just from H&M its small enough to pack, and if anything were to happen to it, it would be no big deal compared to damaging or losing your all weather coat.
  • Black jeans are always a good idea for pants because they can be worn as everyday attire or for going out.
  • Another must have for me are hats. I have always loved hats. So I made sure to pack a black felt hat to protect my hair from the rain, and a beanie for colder weather.

I hope a few of these ideas help you pack if you are headed on a year abroad!





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