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Kelvingrove Park

Dear Readers,

Well, it is officially Fall in Scotland, and I am so happy to see the trees starting to change colour. The trees definitely are not as colourful as they get at home in Canada, but they still create that Fall feeling. Today I was exploring the Kevlingrove Park, in the West end of the city, just ten minutes from where I live. The Kelvingrove Park is about 85 acres that run alongside the River Kelvin. The park was established in 1852 and has been home to three Great Exhibitions: The 1888 International Exhibition, the 1901 International Exhibition, and the 1911 Scottish Exhibition.



Since moving to Glasgow I have found myself wearing more black than usual, and I have also been wearing pants more than I ever have in my life… maybe my teenage obsession with Blair Waldorf is finally starting to wear off. I did choose to pack a lot of black so it would be easier to mix and match my wardrobe, but a bartender did refer to me as “the girl who looks like she is from the Salem Witch trials,” one night so maybe I should start to bring back a bit of colour back into my life.


The hat I am wearing in this outfit is a black Sailor hat from H&M. I have always been a hat person, and this style of hat was a must have to buy when I arrived in Glasgow. It is perfect to wear under an umbrella to save your hair, and it has a brim in the front to protect your face from the rain. I have been getting so much use out of it so far! I might have to go back and buy the navy one as well.





It has not been cold enough to wear a thick jacket yet, so I have been getting a lot of use out of this thin zip up jacket from Primark. I had never been exposed to Primark before moving here, and it is incredible. For those who are unaware of what Primark is (like myself) it is basically a better European version of Target. I really like this jacket because it is so light, but it can look classy or a bit edgier, depending on how you wear it!




The denim I am wearing is a medium wash of Gap Factory’s legging skimmer. The only denim I own are from the Gap, and besides the fact that I have worked for the Gap since 2012, there are honestly no jeans that fit me better than the Gap. I also really love this wash, the really blue denim stands out with the black, better than a dark denim would.




The shoes I am wearing a black mule, also from Primark. I really like the Steven Madden mule, but I was not sure how much I would actually wear them so I decided to buy a less expensive version, and so far they have been a fantastic purchase.







Since Fall is my favourite season, I am quite excited to be living in a place where the Fall weather lasts awhile, so I am sure there will be more Fall style posts to come!




Photography: Claire Paetkau


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