Travel: Pollok Country Park

Dear Readers,

On Saturday I had the best day ever, or at least the best day since I have moved to Scotland. Two friends and I decided to go to Pollok Country Park just south of Glasgow for the afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.06.05 PM

We had talked about wanting to rent bikes and explore a new part of the city and my friend found this fantastic destination. Renting bikes is super easy in Glasgow, there is this program called Nextbike. It’s just an app where you can rent a bike for a 1.5 pounds an hour and the bikes are set up all over the city so you can drop it off at whatever stop is easiest for you!


The bike ride to Pollok Country Park took about a half hour from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the bike station that was closest to us. The bike ride was pretty easy, except for a couple of hills… Once we arrived in the park we biked along these narrow roads that were lined with horses, gardens, rugby fields, a golf course and then the Pollok Manor in the middle of the park. We were so eager enjoying our bike ride, that we accidentally biked right past the Manor, extending our bike about another half an hour. When we got to the end of the park back onto the main street of Pollok we were rather confused. We asked these girls where the manor was and they said it’s so large you wouldn’t have missed it… yet some how we managed to… so back around we went. Eventually finding the very large house.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Before exploring the grounds we decided to sit down in the cafe for lunch. The cafe was sooooo busy, and we noticed that there was this large picnic table with three elderly ladies sitting there so we asked them if it was alright if we joined them. We ended up having the most lovely lunch talking with these three women who were all from the Fine Art Society in Yorkshire England or a bus trip up to Scotland. They even gave us their phone numbers so if we ever visited their town they would love to show us around! We all had a carrot ginger soup for lunch, accompanied by a baked brie with a pineapple chutney and Sandra Blonde IPA. It was absolutely delicious.



Following lunch we decided to roam around the grounds of the manor. Pollok house was built in 1752 and given to the city of Glasgow in 1966. The house is still fully decorated on the inside, we did not go in this time, but next time I definitely will check it out. The house itself reminded me of Mr. Bingley’s house in the 2005 film adaption of Pride and Prejudice. The brisk air followed by the leaves on the ground were a clear indication that Fall has arrived in Scotland.




The gardens that surrounded the house were also really lovely. There were a lot of locals walking the gardens as well. It was all divided up in different sections, some sections had vegetables and others flowers. My personal favourite section was this little fairy village. It reminded me of one of my favourite childhood films Fairytale: A True story. A film about two British girls following WWI have built a fairy house for the fairies that live in the woods close to their house.






Running along the front of the house is a little river with a bridge that crosses over into the meadow area of the property. Further down the river there were horses on the opposite bank and little rapids.




On the bike ride home we encountered a sun shower that concluded with a beautiful rainbow. After our weekend adventure I definitely predict future biking adventures in and around Glasgow!



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