A Few Fall Favourites

Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe it but October is basically over, and before we know it Winter will be here. Before it gets too cold I’m trying to enjoy not having to get bundled up to go outside.  Winter in Scotland will not be as cold as Canada, nor will they get as much snow, but it will still be cold and damp once Winter officially arrives.  In order to celebrate Fall I thought I would share a few of my favourite Fall pieces:


I love the colour mustard, especially during the Fall and Winter. For being so colourful it is actually an extremely diverse colour to wear. Mustard goes with black, navy, white, and grey so you can basically pair it with anything. The tights I am wearing here are from the U. K. brand Fat Face. They are questionably the best tights I have ever purchased. They are so soft, knit, fit perfect, and not the least bit itchy! I definitely think I will end up going back and buying another pair.




One of my other favourite Fall pieces is my puffer vest. I have worn in a fair bit this Fall, and it goes with everything. They are the perfect thing to put on when you need just a bit more than a sweater but don’t want to fully commit to a jacket. Puffer vests look great with a sweater, blouse, a long sleeve t-shirt, or even a dress!



Heeled black boots are another favourite item of mine. I have always loved boots, but I think a good ankle boot is perfect for Fall. Plus you can’t get as much wear out of them once there is lots of snow on the ground (heels are never a good idea in snow). A personally like block heels the best, because I find they are the easiest to walk in. These boots are just from H&M but they are surprisingly comfortable and have actually lasted two years already!



The black mini skirt is another favourite. A black skirt can be perfect for a night out, but also looks great with a nice blouse and comfy knit sweater. Black skirts are probably one of the items I tend to get the most wear out of. The one I am wearing here is from the Gap that I bought two years ago and I still wear it alllll the time! I tend to like skirts that have a flare to them, than a tight styled skirt.




Well, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween, and enjoy the last little bit of Fall.


Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.18.17

Photography: Claire Paetkau


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