Travel: Palma de Mallorca

Digital CameraDear Readers,

So our third day we spent the morning just lounging around the villa and playing in the pool. The pool had a football that we took a liking to throwing around, which eventually turned into a few of us jumping in the pool.. which led to everyone else being peer pressured to jump in the pool.

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In the afternoon we decided to head to Palma to go explore the city a bit and grab dinner (since we didn’t realize that all the grocery stores were closed on Sunday’s). Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain. We had planned on going in for a day, but we did not expect to be as captivated by the city as we were. We decided to wander around the streets for a little bit just to get a feel for the city.

Historically, the city was founded as a Roman camp in 124 BC, and the history that follows is incredible. Palma was a location that defended by Charlemagne, the Crusades passed through, Viking’s sacked the island, and the list goes on and on.  Today the city sits at a population of 550 000 people, and it is a huge vacation destination.

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The next stop was the Cathedral, known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma or La Seu. It is a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral that was built in 1229 and its construction was finished in 1601. The architecture from the outside was incredible and extremely different from the other European Cathedrals I have seen since it was designed in the Catalan Gothic style. In 1901 the Cathedral underwent a restoration which was designed by Antoni Gaudi, unfortunately, he had an issue with the contractor and abandoned the job 13 years later, but some of his ideas were still used. Regrettably, the Cathedral was closed to the public on Sunday when we arrived so we did not get to go inside, but I guess that just means I’ll have to go back another time to see it!

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We continued to explore the city, going down by the water, visiting some of the little markets, and walking more around the city. We stopped at one shop and we all bought matching friendship bracelets to remember our trip and the amazing year we have had together!

I absolutely loved how colourful the city was, the buildings were all different bright colours like pink, red, and orange!

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Dinner was probably the most entertaining part of the day. We stopped at this our door patio for dinner in a more local area of the city. We had asked a tourist information booth where the best place for dinner would be and the man told us to go down by where he lived, so that is what we did, and it was a great choice! The waiter gladly moved some tables together so we could all sit together, and next thing we knew another waiter (or presumably the owner of the restaurant) came out with a bunch of complimentary shots of us, and he was just yelling “Welcome to Mallorca” and “Happy Happy Sunday.” Crazy enough the drinks did not stop there, he came out twice more with more shots, and after we had finished our dinner he came back and placed three bottles of liquor on the table telling us we were welcome to any of them, or if we wanted something else to come inside. He kept saying “bing bing bing no problem” to us which had us in stitches. Myself and a couple of the other girls went inside the restaurant with him where he then gave us all these brightly coloured blue and green drinks for us, even though we insisted they were not necessary. But this man was not taking no for an answer, so we ended up having a few more drinks and eventually sneaking the rest of the drinks into our bags so he thought we had drunk them!

In regards to our actual meal, most of us had the Spanish dish Paella! I had a seafood paella and it was absolutely delicious.


We finished off our day with finding gelato before returning to the Villa. The gelato we had was so delicious. I went for a Ferrero Rocher flavour which was incredible.


Palma was such an incredible surprise for us. We had booked our holiday planning on just laying on the beach or beside the pool relaxing, so we had not taken the city life of our destination into consideration, but it was a really great surprise! The people were so friendly and were excited to have us there. Even one of the shops we went into to buy wine the man gave us candy as a thank you for buying wine from him! I think I will definitely be back at some point in time for another great visit.

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