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Brunch in Glasgow

Dear Readers,

One fact about myself (which I am sure many people know) is that brunch is my favourite meal, and going for brunch is the easiest way to get me out of bed on a Sunday morning. I think I love brunch so much now because until I was eighteen I could not eat eggs!!! I had an intolerance to them as a child, and I never tried to eat them again until university… and now they are one of my favourite foods.

Glasgow is great for so many things, and one of the best things about Glasgow is the restaurants!!! There is such a good food scene, like any ethnicity you can imagine (plus tons of great pubs of course) and brunch most certainly does not disappoint. So I thought I would share a list of some of my favourite places to go for brunch and my favourite thing to order at that restaruant.

Kember & Jones. This great cafe and bakery on Byers road is a great cafe to grab something to eat during the week, in between classes or for a nice brunch date! My favourite thing to order here is Smashed Avocado with SalmonProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

134 Byres Rd 

Bill’s. Bill’s is a U.K. chain that is great for any meal (they also have 20% off for students). My favourite thing here is the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. fullsizeoutput_1572.jpeg

22-24 W Nile St

The Drugstore. Just a five-minute walk from my place in Finniston, the Drug Store has a great Full Scottish Breakfast. You can’t visit Scotland without having a Full Scottish Breakfast, and most restaurants serve them! They usually will include bacon, sausage, black pudding, bread, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a potato scone. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

TriBeca.  Is a “New York” style restaurant with multiple locations in Glasgow. They have all sorts of different breakfast and lunch options (even hash browns, which is not always common in Scotland). I really like their Veggie Full Scottish breakfast because it comes with sooooo many veggies, hummus, and halloumi.


144 Park Road Corner of Gibson Street & Park Road

Roast. Well, all I can say about this place is it is the best way to start a day on my walk to school. Whenever I go it is always with my friend Erika, and they basically know our order off by heart when we are there.  They are my favourite scrambled eggs, with just bacon and toast. Erika always gets there BLT.fullsizeoutput_1571

I have recently started mixing it up and getting the Veggie Stacker breakfast sandwich and it is one of the best things I have ever eaten. It’s an egg, cheese, potato scone, and portabello mushroom on brown bread. Often I will grab it on the way to the library!


1299 Argyle St

10/10. Also, a ten-minute walk from my place is 10/10. My favourite thing here is another Full Scottish Breakfast. But this one comes with baked BEANS. Plus they do a mimosa tower, where you get 12 mimosas in one big tower!! fullsizeoutput_15709 Radnor St

The Left Bank. FAVOURITE BREAKFAST EVER. It’s a Lebanese breakfast, and it is questionably my favourite meal in Glasgow. Egg’s cooked with chickepeas, tomatos, and peppers, spinach, flat bread, potatos, and halloumi!! I don’t think I will ever be able to try anything else there again after falling in love with this meal. fullsizeoutput_156f

33-35 Gibson St

Well if you are ever going for brunch in Glasgow I definitely recommend all of these places! I’m sure anything you order at these restaurants will not disappoint!!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.18.17

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  1. Perfect a different restaurant to visit daily for brunch during our visit with you.They all look delicious !! We are counting the days to see you.xoxo

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