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Greenock Cut Walk

fullsizeoutput_2df3Dear Readers,

So this weekend the weather in Glasgow was BEAUTIFUL and one thing I have learned since moving to Scotland is that when the sun is out you go outside and enjoy it because you don’t know when it is going to return!! My friends and I had spoken earlier in the week about going on an adventure on Sunday, but no official plans had been made. So at 11.00 my friend Erika messaged us in our group chat and said the train leaves at 11.50 from Glasgow central and we’re going to Greenock Cut Walk in Drumfochar. And magically enough (after getting home after 1.00 the night before) seven of us were able to pull ourselves together and get to the station, grab some breakfast and get on the train just in time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.11.03

The train ride only took us a little over a half hour to Drumfochar. Once we got there we were under the impression it was a five-minute walk to the visitor’s centre from the train station.. but the information on the Walk Highlands website was slightly off/ confusing.. the start of the “stage 3” of the trail was about a five minute walk from the station, but it wasn’t marked clearly and we ended up just wandering until a nice man asked us if we were trying to get to the trail and he told us to go up this field filled with sheep beside his house and we could get to the trail from there, so up we went, through the field of little sheep.

fullsizeoutput_2e08fullsizeoutput_2dfffullsizeoutput_2dfeSo we made it up to the trail and adventure started, but we quickly learned that the visitor’s centre was actually about a 40min to an hour walk away. The walk up the hill was soooo beautiful. We were walking between hills that were covered in sheep, and there were stunning little lakes along the way as well. fullsizeoutput_2df8fullsizeoutput_2df9Digital Camerafullsizeoutput_2dfafullsizeoutput_2dfbWe eventually made it to the little visitor’s centre and we stopped at this little cafe (the building in the photo below) to grab some lunch. We had intended on packing a picnic but unexpectedly there wasn’t a grocery store by the train station (it was just a platform) so we had to grab lunch. We were all really surprised with how yummy and inexpensive this little cafe was! There was also a really cool fish tank that distracted us while we waited for our food!fullsizeoutput_2dfdfullsizeoutput_2dfcFollowing our lunch break, we headed down the Clyde Coastal Path. This trail reminded me of SpyGlass back home in Rothesay. It was a really nice walk through the woods which then swooped up and when back in a loop to where we started. fullsizeoutput_2df1fullsizeoutput_2df5fullsizeoutput_2df6Digital CameraThe platform that we followed through the woods was really neat, as it was covered in chicken wire, which actually was so smart because it grips your shoes really nicely so it is hard to slip!  fullsizeoutput_2df4Digital CameraFrom the top of the hill, we were able to see the water and all the other hills in the area. Honestly, in Scotland, the hills go on forever and ever.  So many options for hills to hike!! Digital CameraOn our way back we continued to see SOOO many sheep everywhere. At one point a sheep farmer was out on his ATV and his dog was running around rounding up all the sheep. It was really cute hearing the sheep “baaaa” at each other. fullsizeoutput_2df2In total our Fitbits informed us that we had done about 25 000 steps on our adventure, so we were all pretty tired by the end of the day around 17.00 so we decided to head into town to find a pub before heading back to Glasgow. This random man on the street stopped us to ask if we were visiting from the boat (I guess boats come into the harbour, like the cruise ships in Saint John) we told him, no, but then he offered to take us to a bar with an outdoor patio!

fullsizeoutput_2e34.jpegWe stayed in Greenock had a few drinks, grabbed some dinner, and then headed to the train station where we played “heads-up” waiting for the train to come. It was yet another great Scottish adventure. Honestly, you could go to any place in Scotland and you could always have some sort of an adventure. We might have all turned a little pink from the sun.. but it was still a great day out enjoying the beautiful weather!!

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