Travel: Paris Part 2


Dear Readers,

So this is a bit of a delayed post from my trip to Paris back in April. I had travelled to Paris for a long weekend in order to complete some research for my dissertation. You can check out my first two posts about my weekend Travel: Paris Part 1 and Travel: Chateau Fontainebleau. The final day of my trip to Paris was spent at the Louvre, roaming around Paris, and then a rather stressful exit from France (travelling is not always glamorous).

The lady at our hostel gave us pastries to take on our walk to the Louvre because of impressed she was with our French! It was really nice to get to practice my French since I had not been speaking French since last August! We had one last French breakfast at this little cafe just down from our hotel before we headed off to the Louvre. fullsizeoutput_2e60On the stroll to the Louvre, we walked through the Tuileries Garden, which was created in 1564 by Catherine de Medici as Royal gardens, but they were not open to the public until 1664, and later became an official park following the French Revolution. fullsizeoutput_2e61fullsizeoutput_2e62fullsizeoutput_2e63fullsizeoutput_2e7b.jpegfullsizeoutput_2e64fullsizeoutput_2e68I headed to the Louvre to go look at a couple of paintings for my thesis. The collections in the Louvre were incredible… but in all honesty, I hated every moment I was in there. I have never felt so angry and frustrated and all at once before in a museum. The other visitors who were in the museum were atrocious… it felt like I was in a club/ Disney world. People were being shoved out of the way to see things (myself included), and just generally people had zero respect or understanding for what they were looking at. I think also being a history student, and I have dreamed about going to this museum my entire life was why it was such a disappointment. It was truly an awful experience, I was really heartbroken about it. I guess I will just have to get a job there (or be Robert Langdon) in order to go in and appreciate the museum!! fullsizeoutput_2e6afullsizeoutput_2e6cfullsizeoutput_2e6ffullsizeoutput_2e70After we explored the city a bit more we headed to check out a few of the big department stores and decided to grab lunch on the rooftop patio at Lafettes. Unfortunately, the waiter had forgotten about our order.. so we waited almost an hour for our food… which did send us on our downward spiral to rushing for our flight BUT the view was amazing, and the wine and cheese were delicious once it arrived.fullsizeoutput_2e71fullsizeoutput_2e74fullsizeoutput_2e77I swear after I came back from Paris I weighed five pounds heavier… after the amount of bread and cheese that I consumed while I was there. But how can you not??? The cheese, bread, croissants, meats were all so delicious. When I was living in London I was so busy so my diet had consisted of yoghurt and salads from Pret a Manger, so I definitely deserved all the delicious treats in Paris. Processed with VSCO with a6 presetFollowing our lunch we ended up running back to our hotel, grabbing our luggage, running to the Metro, Erika got on the Metro but the door shut in front of me (the most panicked moment of the whole trip so we got separated until I jumped on the next Metro and met her at the train station, then the trains were all mixed up and half of them were cancelled, so we struggled to find the right one, and once we did we showed up at the airport an hour before our flight took off !! SO it was a bit hectic. BUT we made it safe and sound and got back to London just fine. It had been really hot that day about 30 degrees, so the rushing then being on a hot stuffy train with lots of other people we were pretty parched. We chugged a water before going through security in like five seconds between the two of us, and the moment we got to our gate we stocked up on the liquids (water, green tea ice tea, and beer).

Paris was one of the best holidays I have ever gone on! I just LOVED the city, definitely one of my favourite cities that I have ever been to. I am sure I will be back soon, Merci Paris, Je t’aime beaucoup!!!


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