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On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond


Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday a few of my friends and I decided to mix up our traditional Wednesday activity, and instead of going to Trivia at our favourite pub the Islay, we decided to camp on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond! Following a day of school work, we hopped on the train at 17.22 (in the midst of rush hour train time which made for a very squished voyage) and headed off to Balloch a short 40-minute train ride away. My friend Chrissy and her boyfriend had rented a car, so they met us at the train station to take our stuff so we could just grab a cab for ourselves to go up to the camping area.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 16.02.19

List most of our adventures over this year, there is always a slight “uh-oh” moment of confusion. The cab had dropped us off at the wrong location and pulled away before we realized we were in the wrong place 🙈 Being the millennials we are we took to our phones to try and find the campsite but we were struggling to get service to find out where we were supposed to go, and Google Maps was telling us there was no campsite nearby. We had been dropped off at these cottages just past the town of Luss on Loch Lomond. Of course, we made an attempt to go inside and ask for help but the house owner was not there and had left his number if anyone needed assistance… Not tooo long after Chrissy and her boyfriend pulled into the driveway and we were able to sort out where we were supposed to go, which was just a quick fifteen-minute walk away! The problem was solved!


But after a quick fifteen minutes of trying to figure out where we were going (and a  walk down the road), we found our little beach for the night! This little beach on the side of Loch Lomond. A bit further down the beach, there were two other tents set up, but we had the whole little part of the beach to ourselves.


Once we had scouted out the area and pitched our little tents it was time to go for a swim in Loch Lomond!! The water was surprisingly warmer than I expected, and there was also a huge drop-off, literally, I went from being waist-deep in the water to the water being well over my head. It almost felt like I was on the Kennebecasis River or up at the Bellisle as multiple boats and even a water skier went by and waved to us!


Following our dip into the Loch, we started up the campfire to cook our dinner for the evening, have a few beers, and we went on to play charades for the majority of the evening!


In the morning we woke up to an extremely calm loch, it was so peaceful. I slept surprisingly well despite sleeping on rocks. Since we were not taking a car up and already had to carry so many things, mattress aka yoga mats did not make the cut for supplies. Once everyone was up we made breakfast sandwiches on the little bbq we had before we packed up, headed back to Balloch and got back on the train to Glasgow!

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It was so refreshing to get of the city for just an evening in the middle of the week, especially since dissertation crunch time has begun. As I have said before, being able to get to little places so easily outside of the city is one of the best parts about Glasgow. Scotland is just so full of adventures everywhere you look, even just for one night!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.18.17




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