Travel: The Isle of Skye

d72f2567-6fe4-4b9e-9b4b-769c817a4a84.jpgDear Readers,

Earlier in the week, I went on a four day and three-night camping trip to the Isle of Skye. The trip was one of the more “interesting” adventures I have had since living in Scotland, it was full of unexpected and less pleasant moments, however, it was still worth the visit, and Skye is absolutely beautiful. SO beautiful in fact, that I am going back this coming week with my family that is visiting.

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As we started our trip on Saturday, we piled in seven girls, four tents, and a wide collection of bags into our rental car before setting off on our journey from Glasgow to Skye. Initially, we had planned to wild camp on Skye the first night, but we had a turn of events which altered our initial plans a tad. Our road trip got off to a bit of a bumpy start, as two hours into our drive, just past For William, we hit a pothole on the one-lane highway that was going towards the north of Scotland and we blew both tires on the left side of the vehicle. The location of where the tires blew was terrible, as it was a bitty part of the road, but no ditch to pull into. When I called roadside assistance they told me to get all the girls out of the car and to a safer location and put the hazard lights on, so we went on the other side of the road in the field. This produced an unexpected outcome, as people drove by they honked, yelled, and swore and us for “parking where we were not allowed.” Unfortunately, this was the first time I have ever experienced Scots being unfriendly and this was so upsetting, especially as we were told it would be between an hour to two hours before a mechanic could get to us. However, after about twenty minutes of misery, we had two kind cars pull over and ask if we needed help. A man who lived a short distance away offered to drive the car onto his driveway for us, and two women offered to take us to their house for tea as we waited for the mechanic. These people really turned around our day, they were so kind, and before we knew it the mechanic arrived, took us all to the garage, and before we knew it we were back on the road!!


We finally decided to pull over and set up camp in the dark. The area we decided to camp in was a wild camping location from a forum we found online. I couldn’t really tell where we were since it was so dark, but at the moment we were all so tired I think I would have slept anywhere. When we woke up in the morning, I could not get over how incredibly beautiful the location was. We were in a beautiful valley of hills. It was really something to open up my tent door and see the transformation from the pure black night to a green valley. From here we drove straight to our campsite in Glenbrittle, Skye, with a brief pit stop at Dunvegan Castle on the way.


When we arrived at the next campsite, Glenbrittle, the rain and wind started. It was a bit of a challenge as we were all trying to put our tents down without them blowing away. I am sure we were a very entertaining sight to watch. Since it was raining out we decided to make a pit stop in a nearby town, and go to the Talisker Distillery. The Talisker Whiskey is a peat whiskey, which I had never actually tried before. It was definitely a smokier taste, but I did like it!


When we got back to our campsite that evening if finally stopped raining! We made dinner, then watched the sunset on the beach. Just following dinner, my friend Ellie and I had a bit of an incident in our tent…  Ellie yelled out “Laura there is a bird in our tent,” and for some reason, I felt like that was absolutely hilarious and I just couldn’t stop laughing. I think from the sheer commotion the bird flew right out of the tent… but not without leaving a mark… there was bird poop alllllllllll ovvverrrrrrrrr the inside of the tent and our belongings. You can guess that for the rest of our trip we made sure the tent was always zipped up the tent.

The last full day was my favourite, it was the day that we did the main adventuring. Basically, we hit three targets: Fairy Pools, Fairy Glen, and the Quiraing. Stop number one was The Fairy Pools, which were just up the road from where we had camped. The Fairy Pools is a little river that runs between hills and waterfalls that is filled with fresh sparkling blue water. We spent about an hour walking around the trail, and we all splashed the water on our faces, I don’t think my skin has ever felt softer!

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Stop number two was The Fairy Glen.  The Fairy Glen is located in the North- West region of Skye. The drive is through some narrow roads (that busses are not allowed on) which lead to the magical fairy territory. The Fairy spiral is where you leave your gift for the fairies. You have to walk through the entire spiral ring, say a little wish to the fairies, place your gift (we gave the fairies buttercups) and then walk out through the spiral ring just like you entered. We also hiked up to the top and climbed over the rocks to get a view of the fairy rings from the top!

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Stop number three was The Quairaing. The Quairing is a landslip on the eastern face of Meall na Suiramach. The cliffs were so incredible. We hiked along the edge of the landslip for about a half hour until we reached “the Needle” of the Quiraing.

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Skye had been on my bucket list since I first moved to Scotland. The natural beauty of Skye was incredible and so magical. Being about a five-hour drive from Glasgow, I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in Scotland. The entire drive is great (as long as you don’t blow a tire) as you pass through Glencoe and the rest of the Highlands. I am already looking forward to my second adventure in Skye this coming week!!

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