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Bedroom Tour: Moving Back Into My Room

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Dear Readers,

One of the weirdest things about moving back home (and back with my parents) was coming back to my bedroom… which was filled with books, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories all in which I couldn’t bring with me to Glasgow, so all of a sudden my wardrobe doubled! PLUS I am no longer living in a dorm room… which is also a bonus, even though I do miss living next door to my best friend 😦

This week I finally unpacked my last suitcase today and have set my room to rights. From taking a look around my room it definitely easy to pick out my favourite things: clothes, shoes, books, prints of paintings, Europe, my friends, and of course my favourite actress Audrey Hepburn. So here is a glimpse of my bedroom!


You will notice on the bookstand beside my bed a few of my favourite reads including, all the Lauren Conrad Books, Harry Potter, The Book of Hygge, Paris Street Style, How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, The Great Gatsby, Tudor Fashion and Nice is Just a Place in France. I have someone who always re-reads her favourite books and I will watch the same movie a hundred times, so I like having my favourite books right by me incase I feel like looking a specific Chapter in The Great Gatsby or getting a bit of Parisian fashion influence before I get out of bed in the morning.


One of the details about living in 1900s home is that the closet space is very minimal… so my closet only holds my tops and jackets, so my Mother had the clever idea to put a roll rack in my bedroom. This roll rack is a brilliant storage item! I keep all my dresses and purses on it. Plus I have a shoe rack on the bottom and two storage pins with hats and scarves on the top!


I have always liked keeping a few photos of my best friends, favourite places, and having a few motivational quotes around my mirror, since they are the first thing I see in the morning! I up-graded certain photos this time when I came home: I have a photo of Paris, a postcard from the V&A Museum, and two quotes “Shine Bright” and  “Let’s drink Champagne” both which I bought in England.


Well that was a little taste of my bedroom, filled with a few of my favourite things! What are some of your favourite things to have in your bedroom?

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.18.17


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