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What I Pack In My Carry On

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Dear Readers,

Well this week I am headed back to Scotland for my graduation with my parents! I am so excited to be returning to Glasgow for my graduation, but I am even more excited to see my friends!!!!!! As I am in the midst of packing for my trip I thought I would share what I pack in my cary on

Step 1: Determine Bag

For the last little while my go to carry on bag has either been my Longchamp or Indigo small duffle bag. I tend to use my Longchamp on shorter holidays and my Indigo bag for longer holidays, or when I am moving somewhere. My Longchamp tote is the perfect size for a carry on for this upcoming trip to Scotland!

What I Pack In My Carry On

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  1. Laptop: My Macbook Air will always be in attendance. On flights I always start to feel a little brain dead if I only watch movies on a long flight. I often take breaks to listen to music (my laptop has a larger variety than my phone) or I start writing, whether it’s an assignment or blog post!
  2. Chargers: Phone, Laptop etc. Nothing worse than forgetting one of these items! Especially how most planes now have outlets for you to charge your electronic devices while on a flight.
  3. Book or Magazine: Again, I get restless and like to mix up my activities on a flight.
  4. HEADPHONES. I COULD NOT SURVIVE A FLIGHT WITHOUT THEM. On my way to Mallorca in May I forgot mine and had to buy a new pair at the airport 😦
  5. Small Makeup Bag: Moisturiser, Hand sanitiser, BB Cream, Mascara, Makeup wipes, Kleenex, Advil, Gum, Lip Balm, an an extra Hair Elastic. All the products I might need on a flight.
  6. Eye Mask: Incase I want to have a nap! There is nothing more annoying then when the person beside or in front of you is using their light when you want to sleep!
  7. Big Scarf: In one of Lauren Conrad’s books she says to always keep a big scarf to either use as a pillow, a blanket, or just feel extra cozy. Ever since reading that chapter in her book I have always made sure to travel with a comfy scarf.
  8. Neck Pillow: Again optimising comfort while on a flight!
  9. Water Bottle: I like having my own water bottle for a couple of reasons: 1) Reduce plastic bottle consumption, most cafes or restaurants in an airport will fill it up for you, some airports even have water fountain stations! 2) It is important to stay hydrated on a long flight!
  10. Pen: A pen is useful when it comes to filling out customs forms on board the flight or once you get to customs so you don’t have to wait for one of the communal pens AKA speeding up your time stuck in the airport.

These are a few of the things I always have in my carry on when I travel. How about you?!


P.S. Always remember to pack your wallet and passport !!!!!


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