Picking Out New Glasses

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Dear Readers,

I have recently had a new addition to my accessory collection, and surprisingly enough it is a pair of new glasses! I have had the same frame (two pairs of it) for the last three years. I still have them and still love them but I decided it was time for a change!

Now that I have completed my Masters I wanted to give myself a more classic and sophisticated look, but also wear something a little more funky at the same time. This is only my third pair of glasses. My first pair were an Armani Exchange pair that were small, rectangular, and brown. Pair number two/three were larger Square framed Raybans that were tortoise frame and lavender arms, and now for pair number four! For my new pair of glasses I have chosen a Ralph Lauren Polo pair that have a round frame and a blonde tortoise print!

Here are some similar ones:

My tips for picking out glasses:

  1. Have an idea in mind. I looked at the glasses that a few of my favourite bloggers wear before hand. If you don’t know what you want, it can be really overwhelming to figure out where to start. In particular if you are at a shop that has tons of brands and styles to choose from.
  2. Know your face shape! I have a round face and smaller eyes so I knew that I was looking for a large frame to fit my round face properly.
  3. Try on lots of styles, that is the best way to find out what you are looking for! I knew I wanted tortoise but I tried on probably 10-15 different frames that were tortoise.
  4. Try different brands. Each brand fit’s differently. The first pair I tried on were a Stella McCartney brand and I loved the look of them but they did not fit well on my nose, so I knew they were not the ones!
  5. Try frames on with your hair down and hair up. I wear my hair up and down equally so I wanted to make sure I liked the way they looked both ways.
  6. Get an employees opinion to make sure they fit your face properly. Just because I like a frame it doesn’t mean they will do the trick properly for me.
  7. After your frames comes in make sure that you try them on in store and get an employee again to make sure they fit your face properly and that they seem right for you. Make sure the arms fit your face right and are comfortable.


It is definitely important to be happy with your frame choice since you will most likely be wearing them every day. I for sure am!!! I ended up finding my perfect frames at Costco of all places. The staff were fantastic, and I had made my decision in fifteen minutes. I told them what I was after and the lady instantly brought over at least ten frames on top of the ones I had selected for myself. I will definitely be back there in the future to pick out another set of frames. screen-shot-2017-11-24-at-10-18-17


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