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Skating on the River


Dear Readers,

As mentioned in my previous post New Years Eve, my friends and I decided last minute not to go to Halifax for New Years. One of the perks of this was instead of spending four hours driving in a car we spent the afternoon skating out on the river. I had not been skating out on the river in years! I guess since high school I was only ever home in the winter over the Christmas Holiday and half the time we did not even have snow, so skating on the ice was definitely out of the question.

I will be honest.. I was a little nervous heading out on the ice and we were all a little wary at first but I am so glad I just did it. The skating condition was unique because there was no snow on the ice. Usually, a portion of the ice would be shovelled off to create a small skating rink, but this time we were able to skate across the entire river.


The conditions were superb. There was no wind, the temperature was ideal (I even had to unzip my coat eventually because I was over heating) and the river just looked spectacular. It was so nice to just to stand in the middle of the river and admire how beautiful Rothesay is. I think it was the first time since moving home that I reflected on the fact that I live in a stunning place and there is so much to see and do right here.


This was also a great occasion to bring out a new hat I bought in the Fall. When I was down in Nova Scotia in October I stopped by the East Coast Life Style store to show my Swedish friend Axel this cool clothing brand that started as a project at Acadia University (my alma mater of course). While there I found the Provincial Flag Toque collection. I did ponder if I should get the Nova Scotia or New Brunswick Toque (issues when you have lived in both provinces) but I am very happy with my decision to sport the New Brunswick Toque. I love the bright orange and red colours!

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.54.08.png

I will definitely be taking advantage of the Kennebecasis River more often or maybe even venture to another location for some more outdoor skating this winter so there is a good chance you will see more skating on my Instagram 😜



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