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A Glimpse of Spa Chance Harbour

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Dear Readers,

This weekend I visited Nature Spa Chance Harbour for the first time! Spa Chance Harbour is a nature spa that focuses on thermal therapy. Essentially, thermal therapy is exposing your body to extreme warm temperatures e.g. a hot tub or a sauna and then exposing your body to extreme cold temperatures e.g. an ice bath or diving into the Atlantic ocean. The Nature Spa is set up in Chance Harbour, about a half hour drive outside of Saint John in Musquash. I am planning on going back in a few weeks so I will do a full blog post on Spa Chance Harbour then 😊

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What to Bring: 

  1. A Bathing Suit.
  2. A Towel.
  3. Bath Robe. (they are also available to rent) but you want to keep yourself nice and cozy when jumping between locations!
  4. Hat. Again to keep you warm and cozy while exploring the nature spa.
  5. Water Bottle. I didn’t bring a water bottle this time, but for sure I will next time. They have water stations in a few locations.
  6. Slip on Boots. Something like Uggs or I wore my LL Bean Duck Boots. You will want to quickly get something on your feet once you hop out of the pool or come back in from the ocean.
  7. Drinks & Food. There is a small cafe on site, however there are fridges and space to have your own picnic and bring whatever drinks you would like!


Make sure you book off the entire afternoon to spend at the Spa.  I for one could sit in the hot pool alllllll day, and that is basically what we did. Next time I want to try out more of the different stations and maybe even brave the cold water of the Bay of Fundy or the waterfall.


I am already looking forwarding to going back to Nature Spa Chance Harbour in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it will be just as beautiful of a day as my first time visiting! screen-shot-2017-11-24-at-10-18-17


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