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Status: Employed Full-Time

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Dear Readers,

January was a great start of the year for me, mainly because I started my first full-time job!!!!!!! After four summers working as a summer student and this past fall working part-time at the front desk I have started a full-time position as a senior public programmer at the New Brunswick Museum. Now, what exactly does it mean to be working in the public programming department at a museum? Essentially, I am one of the faces who interacts directly with the public! This is done through a variety of different things: leading daily tours, running school programs, gallery openings, outreach programs and basically anything else that the museum comes up with. It is such a neat job because every day can be different. At the New Brunswick Museum we offer a wide variety of programs ranging from history, art, geology, marine biology to zoology, so I get to learn about a wide variety of topics.

The New Brunswick Museum recently released a new promo video and you will probably notice my face in a few shots 😜

New Brunswick Museum Promo Video


For those of you who live in New Brunswick if you have not been to the museum in a while I definitely recommend you come check it out this month for a couple of reasons. First, there are two new great exhibits opening this month: a hockey exhibit and a cursive writing exhibit. Secondly, as I wrote about in an earlier post (The New Brunswick Museum) the museum is facing a wide number of challenges in terms of the poor condition of the facility and I think it would be eye opening to take a wander through the museum to understand why we need a new facility! If you are ever coming to visit the museum let me know, I can usually arrange a privet tour 🙂

If you are wondering if I am still working at Urban Shoe Myth on King Street… I have not been able to give up retail yet, so I am still there at least once a week!!!



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