The Cosiest Winter Coat

Gap Teddy Bear Coat 10 .jpg

Dear Readers,

Winters in Canada are definitely pretty chilly… but there are some perks to cold weather: skiing, skating and of course wearing great winter coats. Coats have always been one of my favourite garments and last year I was not able to bring them all to Scotland with me SO I have been loving wearing all my coats this winter, and I have even picked up a few new ones.

One of the new coats I picked up this winter is this navy teddy coat from GAP Factory. This was one of the last things I bought while I was working for GAP (marking the end of my six year GAP girl career).

Gap Teddy Bear Coat 2Gap Teddy Bear Coat 12Gap Teddy Bear Coat 4Gap Teddy Bear Coat 1 .jpg

What I love about this teddy coat is how cozy it is, I feel like I am wrapped up in a big blanket every time I wear it, and what is better than that on a cold day?! I usually wear a knit sweater or a turtleneck underneath for extra coziness, like my favourite J. Crew black turtleneck.

Unfortunately, GAP Factory does not have a website so here are a few similar coats:

One of the great things about teddy coats is that they can be worn with a casual or dressier outfit. I have worn mine with leggings going to yoga and on the opposite spectrum I have worn it with a dress and heels to a show at the Imperial Theatre!

Gap Teddy Bear Coat 8Gap Teddy Bear Coat 9Gap Teddy Bear Coat 11

In this outfit I am wearing a pair of GAP jeans (I’m pretty certain that I do not own any other brands of jeans) and my Bos & Co Belfield Boots in tan. My Bos & Co boots are perfect for winter too, they are waterproof (you don’t even have to spray them), warm, they have a thick sole rubber sole that is great for slippery side walks, AND they are so comfortable.


Gap Teddy Bear Coat 13Gap Teddy Bear Coat 7.jpg

Well, here in New Brunswick we still have a bit of winter left so I know this coat will be worn a fair bit more this season! What are some of your favourite styles of winter coats?


Photography: Allie Ruigrok


Instagram: @allieruigrok 


One thought on “The Cosiest Winter Coat

  1. Every time we travel to Canada, I marvel at the beauty and utility of Canadian outerwear. The coats are so stylish and so different from most that we see here in the US. I can only tell you that the “dress” coats are so much warmer.

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