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Uptown Pub Crawl

Dear Readers,

Since moving back home I have been keeping busy with work, but also enjoy the things the city of Saint John and the province of New Brunswick have to offer. One of the things I am really impressed with in Saint John is the amount of incredible bars and restaurants there are uptown. Recently there have been ever more micro breweries and small bars that have popped up all over the place, each with their own charm.

My best-friend Claire is currently home for a visit so we decided to have a mini pub crawl this weekend so I could show her a few of the great places we now have in Saint John. We could have gone all night long (or all day if we started early) but we just stopped at six bars: Hopscotch, Happiness, Gahan’s, Picaroons, Five & Dime and Ale House.

Stop Number One: Hopscotch

We started off the night with a Scottish touch, a wee dram of Auchentoshan Scotch and a Glasgow Mule. I loved looking through the menu being able to recognise a variety of the different Scotch’s and being able to even point out a few of the distilleries I visited. It was a nice Scottish touch to start off our evening!

Drink: Auchentoshan 10 Year & Glasgow Mule

Location: 45 Canterbury Street


Stop Number Two: Happiness Wine Bar

Happiness is one of my favourite places uptown to have a drink. It is such a great location to met a couple of friends and chat. The built in bench all around the room just adds so a cozy feeling to the bar. An added bonus is that you can even order food from Britts (a pub above) down to the bar!

Drink: Pinot Grigio 2017 Stemmari, Italy

Location: 42 Princess Street


Stop Number Three: Gahan House Barrel Room 

This was actually my first time in the Barrel Room at Gahan’s and I was impressed (It was like a cooler version of Ale House 😜). The bar was packed for a Yip Cider event, but the atmosphere was great. I am not usually a cider drinker but I do like the odd cider everyone and a while.

Drink: Yip Cider Original

Location: 87 Prince William Street


Stop Number Four: Picaroons General Store 

Picroons is one of my favourite places uptown to grab a beer, I love the relaxed atmosphere and the communal table. Now Pomodori is connected next door so you can even order a pizza!

Drink: Simeon Jones

Location: 32 Canterbury Street


Stop Number Five: Five & Dime

Five & Dive is another great little bar, every time I walk in I feel like I am walking into a medieval cellar (the historian in me). I also love the wide variety of beer they have from all around the world. I often grab a Carlsberg (which reminds me of Swedish bar days), this time Claire suggested we go for a German beer! One of the other cool details about Five & Dime is how the music is always a record playing!!

Drink: Erdinger

Location: 34 Grannan Lane


Stop Number Six: Saint John Ale House 

Our final stop of the evening was Ale House to meet up with the rest of our friends. Ale House is always bumping on a Friday night and I fairly often end up there!

Drink: Grimross Pale Ale

Location: 1 Market Square


Claire’s verdict of the evening was:  “I really liked Hopscotch but I think I wouldn’t like it when it’s packed! Happiness was like the perfect little wine bar though, I really loved it!”

It’s so neat to think of how many bars there are uptown and how many other places we could have gone to too!! I feel that so often Saint John doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being such a neat little city, and the atmosphere (and drinks) in these bars all add to the character of Saint John.

Did anybody notice the one thing that all these bars have in common?! All the bars are situated in historic buildings that post date 1878 (the year after the Great Saint John Fire) and show the natural brick of the building, a classic Saint John charm.



Photography: Each bar’s website or Discover Saint John


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