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Dear Readers,

Sorry for the absence the last couple of weeks, I have been so busy with work and in my spare time I was writing a script for a MURDER MYSTERY PARTY!!! After talking about doing a murder mystery party at work I decided I wanted to give it a go with my friends! I have been to a few murder mystery parties before but I had never written my own. I was a little torn if I should buy one or write one, but I decided to give it a go and write my own script.

The theme of the evening was a 1970s Studio 54 theme. I read through a few intro’s of 1970s murder mysteries to get some inspiration (and I stole a few character names 😜). The title of the party was “Murder at Studio Paradise.”


“The year is 1979 and the disco has ruled for almost a decade. Each evening, celebrities, politicians and other social royalty attend Studio Paradise, while every-day people line up outside the doors, hoping for the chance to get into the exclusive club or, failing that, spot a celebrity. At first it seems like any other evening at Studio Paradise, but when the owner, Tony Tuscadero, is found dead, the patrons become suspects as his killer is sought. It’s up to the patrons of Studio Paradise to determine who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill the owner of Studio Paradise!” 

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The Characters:

Tony Tuscadero: Is the Club owner of Manhattan’s most infamous club, Studio Paradise. Studio Paradise is filled with only the elite. Being a notorious 1979 club the atmosphere is identical to Studio 54.

Lauren LaBatt: Is the manger of Studio Paradise, and Tony’s righthand woman. She is always at the club and takes care of all the business work and entertainment.

Sharlet O’Shoolahan: A classically trained ballerina who grew up in high society upper Manhattan. She snuck away to a discotheque in Brooklyn where she met Tony Tuscadero. She became his legendary disco dancing partner, and they are the reigning national disco dancing champions and get married.

Lola Gaynor: Was a talented Las Vegas showgirl and has recently moved to Manhattan. During the day she dances on Broadway and at night she is found dancing up a storm at Studio Paradise.

Fanni-Sid Pyngstad: Is a former Disco Star and now a frequent club goer. During the day she trains Lola Gaynor as a favour to her best friend Sharlet O’Shoolahan. She and Sharlet are as thick as thieves and she would do absolutely anything for her.

Futura Teller: Is the substitute DJ for the evening. Sweet and innocent-seeming she is the last person anyone would expect of being involved with anything illegal, but her arrest record would suggest otherwise.

Bisty Crinkley: Is a famed seventies icon! Best known for her television and modelling adventures. She is yet another regular at the club and is close friends with dancer Lola Gaynor.

Zarbi Zenton: A member of the hit band BABBA, and is always the star of the show. She is one of the most difficult pop stars to work with because she is demanding and egotistical, and she will let you know it.

Dalan Doogart: Is an all-around great guy and was known for his football talent in university. However, after an injury he turned to drugs, alcohol and the full partying scene which has given him a bit of a bad reputation.

Robbie Reynolds: Is a classic politician. Business during the day and a wild partier at night. He has recently announced that he is running for Mayor.

Harry Nadshaw: Is a famous sailor, having beaten the record of the Marco Polo and sailing to Melbourne, Australia from Liverpool, England in 5 month and 20 days. After his sailing career he moved on to living the life of the rich and famous.

Rolfo Harvey: He grew up as the son of a wealthy lawyer, however, his father did not approve of his partying lifestyle and cut him off, forcing him to seek an income elsewhere.

Poppi Grinder: A graduate from Harvard University, she has chosen the disco hippy lifestyle au lieu to being a member of the high society as her parents hoped for. She always looks fantastic and can be found at the Studio Paradise any night of the week.

Steve Kundler: Is a regular at Studio Paradise, but he seems more interested in sitting with his group of associates than getting groovy on the dance floor. A serious lawyer, Steve always arrives late at the club late, tends to leave early and never, ever dances.

Sam Bannister: Is a new face at Studio Paradise, and is quite the suspicious character. While he dresses the part he has not met any of the other club goers before… or so he says.

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To prep for the party I just had to plug in some disco lights (lucky for me my Mom has her own collection), put on a 70s playlist, pour some drinks, and the night was set! I had the event divided into four sections and I gave out an envelope with information for each character for each round. These were filled with clues, and tasks for each character to the complete to try and figure out who the murderer was among them.

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My friends are literally the BEST. They all dressed up and got SO in to character, it was fantastic, I was so impressed. The night was so much fun and as soon as the murder was solved we already started to plan what we should do for the next one.

It was just so nice to do something different instead of bar hopping or just going to a regular party. I mean it did take more work than the average night out HOWEVER the outcome was definitely worth it. Plus, I got to put my Dress History Masters to use 🤓


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