My Spring Fashion Favourites

Urban Shoe 3.jpg

Dear Readers,

I have never overly loved dressing for spring, but for whatever reason this year I am much more excited. Usually, I have found spring hard to dress for, because it takes a while to actually warm up a bit, and then all of a sudden it is summer. When do I put away my jumpers and when do I take out my sundresses?? It always happens so fast! Last year though I felt like I experienced my first ever real spring season when I was living in London (London is such a beautiful city in the spring) and now I am quite keen for spring. I love that wide legged pants, midi length dresses, espadrilles and the colour pink are all in style this season.

Wide Leg Pants:

I did purchase a few wide leg pants last spring and I LOVE them. So far, I had decided to buy a few more styles that are cropped. They are just so comfortable, plus you can dress them up or down as they are easily worn with a pair of wedges or a pair of white sneakers.

Midi Dresses:

This length dress is the perfect transition into spring. I hate wearing tights past March… but truly in the Maritimes it is not warm enough until at least May to go completely bare legged in a mini skirt, so a midi length dress is the perfect solution.



So far my favourite pair of shoes I have picked up for spring are a pair of espadrilles. I have always loved espadrilles. They are a great shoe to transition from spring to summer as your foot is not as exposed as they are in sandals. ALSO a bonus with all of these espadrilles, you don’t need to worry about having your toes painted!



Until last summer I forgot how great of a colour pink is. I think often we all play it too safe and choose black or navy as option, but colours can be just as versatile. A pop of pink could go with any outfit! With a great white sundress or a blue pair of jeans.


Urban Shoe 4

So, after spending time looking through spring fashion lines I am now (not so) patiently waiting for the temperature to warm up just a bit more to start wearing wide leg pants, midi dresses, espadrilles and pink! What are some of your spring favourites?!


Photography: Allie Ruigrok


Instagram: @allieruigrok 


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