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Dear Readers,

Back in February I filmed a video for the New Brunswick Museum with Hemmings House, NBM Curator, which was published last week. In the video, myself along with the NBM’s Art Curator, Peter Laroque and Archivist, Felicity Osepchook, talk about the founder of the New Brunswick Museum’s Fine & Decorative Art Collection: Alice Lusk Webster. Alice Lusk Webster is an extremely important woman in New Brunswick, however, the majority of New Brunswickers have never heard of her before. I am hoping within the next few years I will publish a PhD thesis on her and the important work she has done for the province of New Brunswick.

The purpose of the video was to highlight curators from the past, present, and future of the New Brunswick Museum, looking at Alice Lusk Webster as the past, Peter Laroque as the present and somebody around my age for the future (maybe even me!!). For those who are not familiar with the term curator, a curator is someone who works at a museum or gallery to help keep, display and explain document’s, objects and speciemens.




Take a look at the video below published by the New Brunswick Museum to learn something new about New Brunswick’s history!

Who is a museum curator? What do they do? Is there a future for them? 🎞 Watch and know more how your New Brunswick Museum and its curators play a vital role in connecting the past, present, and future.?” 


There are so many interesting and important stories within the New Brunswick Museum’s collection, one of the MANY reasons as to why it is so important for the province to build a new building for the musuem so that these stories can continued to be told.



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