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My 5 Favourite Blogs

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Dear Readers,

One of the main reasons I was influenced to start my own blog was because I spend sooooo much time reading blogs myself. I like to start off my morning routine by drinking a coffee and checking out the new posts on my favourite blogs. All my favourite bloggers talk about fashion, beauty, travel, fitness and food. Most of these women I follow so closely that sometimes I feel like I know them personally 🙈

A List of my 5 Favourite Blogs

The Everygirl. If I only have time in the morning to read one blog this is my go to (This website is actually my homepage on Chrome). The Everygirl is different from the other blogs I follow because it is not one singular blogger instead it is a company co-founded by Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, and today features writers from all over North America. The Everygirl’s mission is “For you to use The Everygirl site to be inspired, but also to take action to become the woman who believed you could, so you did.” I personally feel like this website relates to me perfectly, and they have the answer to everything I am looking for. It discuses fashion, career, finance, fitness, food and everything else in between. Whenever I am wondering about something I tend to look at The Everygirl first for a solution, whether it be what new moisturiser should I try? Tips on paying down student loans? Or how do I deal with a difficult co-worker? This website truly has the answer for EVERYTHING.

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Gal Meets Glam.  Julia Engel is my all time favourite blogger. I just love her style, and herself along with her husband are a great duo. She started her blog in her junior year of college in 2011. “Gal Meets Glam is a source of inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel. Every day you can expect me to capture and share what’s inspiring me lately.” She has definitely inspired me over the last five years, since I started following her. Last year, Julia even started her own Gal Meets Glam fashion line which features dresses and jumpsuits, hopefully I will add a piece to my wardrobe someday!!

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Carly The Prepster. Carly is another favourite blogger of mine. Her blog was originally called “The College Prepster” which she started as a Freshman in 2007, however, after no longer being a college student she eventually changed her blog’s name to Carly the Prepster. Her blog is pretty simple and follows a variety of interests of mine. “I share a little bit of life, a little bit of style, and a little bit of everything in between. Anything that I’d share with my close friends, I share here… whether it’s a trip I just went on, a great sale that can’t be missed, a documentary or book I loved, a personal challenge I’ve gone through, or simply an outfit I thought was particularly cute!”. Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 17.53.47


Mode and the City.  I have always loved Parisian fashion, and Daphné is the french bloggers I follow religiously, plus it is a nice way to keep practicing my french having to read a blog and listen to Insta-stories in french. She created her blog back in 2007 and focuses on fashion and lifestyle, “J’y partage mes coups de cœur mode, beauté et lifestyle (food, bons plans, déco, voyages, culture…)”. She has a very feminine style and always looks so gorgeous. Plus it’s always fantastic to hear about Paris from a local!


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History in High Heels. Ashley from History in High Heels is honestly one of my idols. She just finished her PhD in History in Italy and is basically everything I want in life. When she started her blog in 2013 her idea was to showcase that Historians aren’t always found in tweed suits, that some historians also love to be fashionable and are very social too, as she “believes women should not have to sacrifice style for academic legitimacy.”


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So that was a glimpse of five of my favourite bloggers that I follow! It’s fun because a few of the bloggers I follow are even friends and sometimes do join posts together, like Carly and Julia! Those are always my favourite!! What are some of your favourite fashion and lifestyle blog to follow?!


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