My 4 Necessary Shoes for Spring

Urban Shoe 5.jpg

Dear Readers,

As I have said in earlier posts, I do not find the spring the easiest time of the year to dress form, especially because I live in the Maritimes. My favourite bloggers have all been wearing midi dresses for weeks now and I am just dying to put mine one, when alas, there were a few snow flakes outside my window this morning. Spring in the Maritimes is such an unpredictable season, snow, sun, rain, it’s such a mix bag. Hopefully April showers will bring May flowers and we will eventually experience summer!

I have put together a list of my four necessary styles of shoes for the spring: espadrilles, white sneakers, rain boots and mules. 


Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 23.22.23.png

1. DSW Shoes 2. Atelier or Urban Shoe Myth 3. Nordstrom 4. Nordstrom 

As I mentioned earlier in my My Spring Fashion Favourites espadrilles are one of my favourite shoes for spring. I purchased the Floral Maderia Espadrilles by Atelier from Urban Shoe Myth and I have been getting so much wear out of them already (even if I have had to wear my boots to work and put them on when I arrive). I just love how different these shoes are. I was personally a little hesitant about the floral and was originally leaning towards black or white, but I have just been amazed how these shoes happen to go with close to everything. The different colours match with basically everything in my wardrobe!

White Sneakers.png

1. Adidas 2. Ugg or Urban Shoe 3. Superga 4. People Sneakers

It took me a long time to get into wearing sneakers, I would never call myself a sneaker girl but I have definitely come to appreciate them. When I lived in Sweden everyone wore Converse sneakers with everything and since purchasing my first pair of converse in 2015 I have begun to find sneakers a staple in my wardrobe, especially white sneakers. There is definitely a risk wearing white sneakers however they do look great. White sneakers have a more classy put together look to them and I have started wearing them with cropped pants or even dresses. I purchased a pair of the People Sneakers from The Urban Shoe Myth and I love them. I went for the People brand because they are 1) Canadian 2) Machine Washable (I must keep the white sneakers clean) 3) They are made from a 3D Printer! Isn’t that cool???

Rubber Boots.png

WELL I am sure most Canadians are familiar with all the rain in the spring, especially those who live in the communities that have been effected by the flooding, so Rubber Boots are an essential. Ironically, as a child I HATED rubber boots (I am sure my parents can testify to that), and now I have a couple pairs. I like to have a tall pair that I can wear when it is really storming, I personally love my tall hunters. Then I also have a pair of short Cougar boots that are nicer to wear to work and are not as bulky but still keep your feet nice and dry.

1. Hunter Short Boots 2. Hunter Tall Boots 3. Miss Juliette Aigle Boots 4. Cougar Kensington Boot 


1. Steve Madden 2. Rollie Nation 3. Bueno 

When the sun is shining yet it isn’t quite time for sandals, mules are a great option. Plus they come in so many fun colours and patterns that are great for spring. Mules are also a great item that you can either dress up or dress down, as they look great with jeans or a dress.

Those are a few of my favourite shoes to wear in the spring and before we know it it will FINALLY be sandal season!! What are some of your favourite shoes to wear in the spring!?



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