Process: Curated by Christiana Myers

process 13

Dear Readers,

This past weekend I get to attend a gallery opening at the Ax Art Centre in Sussex, New Brunswick. Lucky for me, I actually know the curator of the exhibit and she happens to be one of my best friends, Christiana Myers! I have so many talented friends and I am so happy to get to show off the work of one of them. Chrissy and I both went to school in Glasgow however, we specialised it different types of Art History. My program focused on Dress & Textiles, while Chrissy’s focused on Curatorial Art.

process 4

The exhibition that Chrissy curated is called Process:New Brunswick Artists Working With Wood this exhibit showcases various New Brunswick artists who all work with wood, including: Ned Bear, Christian Demmings, John Dougan, Gillian Dykeman, Steve Jones, Timothy ‘Bjorn’ Jones, Brock Jorgensen, Justin Sappier, Phil Savage, Ralph Simpson, and Jack Symonds. The works of art are a great mixture of pieces, varying from sculptures to photography.

process 14process 2process 7

Despite being one of my best friends Chrissy has many other talents as well.

“Christiana Myers is a Saint John-based curator, writer and artist. She holds a BFA from Mount Allison University and an MLitt Curatorial Practice from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Christiana has completed internships with the New Brunswick Museum, Sculpture Saint John and at art galleries in Montreal. Locally, she has curated exhibitions at the Saint John Arts Centre as well as through her position as the programming coordinator at Third Space Gallery, Saint John’s artist run centre. In the winter of 2018, Christiana was selected for an editorial residency at Canadian Art magazine in Toronto, for which she continues to write critical reviews.” 

process 1.jpg


process 12

One of my favourite pieces in the exhibition was Heteronomous Gyration by Jack Symonds. Working in museums I always spend SO MUCH TIME telling visitors not to touch artefacts or artworks… it doesn’t matter how many times I explain to people that the natural oils on our hands destroy artefacts and artwork people still do it 😡 Ironically enough, this piece is meant to be touched my visitors. The face is sculpted from plywood and each piece rotates so visitors can play with the sculpture. As the photographs show, I was quite amused with this piece.

process 3


process 16


process 18

The exhibit will be open at the AX until August so if you are driving past or through Sussex you should definitely stop at check it out!!!

In the same building as the gallery there is also a great little cafe, Knocks Cafe which is definitely worth checking out too. I had a really yummy sandwich there for dinner!

To learn more about this exhibition check out the AX website.


Photography: The Lovely Allie Ruigrok

Check out more from Allie below:


Instagram: @allieruigrok 


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