Feeling Pretty in Pink

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Dear Readers,

Well it is finally starting to feel like summer!!!! I love that I am finally able to go outside without a coat, and I need to have a pair of sunglasses on me 😎 I also have the tendency to just want to be outside all the time once the sunshine appears, I will definitely be taking advantage of our door lunch breaks over the summer.

pink 1

Two of my favourite trends so far for this spring/ summer are the colour pink (which I did talk about in my Spring Fashion Favourites post), and barrettes. I have picked up pink shoes, pink pants, pink skirts, pink sweaters, pink dresses, pink barrettes and a pink backpack (maybe I have developed a problem!!). The last time I really wore pink was probably in elementary school in early 2000s… there was probably a Mean Girls effect there. I’ve usually been more of a black/navy/white dresser in the spring/ summer so I am really loving wearing more colours.

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I was a little hesitant about the barrette trend at first, however, I have fallen for it as I have already picked up five different barrettes over the last month 🙈 When I was little my mom always pinned back my hair with a barrette so I wasn’t sure if I would feel like a toddler again or not!! I think wearing barrettes and even headbands is really quite fun and a nice change to my regular hair routine! In Saint John, Lordon, has an excellent selections of barrettes at the moment, my adorable pink marble print one is from there.

pink 5pink 6

Shop My Outfit:

The outfit I am wearing consists of very classic “Laura Brands”: GAP & The Urban Shoe Myth. Even though I am not longer working for GAP I still find that GAP always has what I am looking for, and the clothes just fit me perfectly!!

USM has been such a great place to work and has exposed me to so many great brands I never knew about before like Bueno! Plus I get to check out all the newest Matt & Natt products too, like this great Brave book bag I am wearing.

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Photography: The Lovely Allie Ruigrok

Check out more from Allie below:


Instagram: @allieruigrok 

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