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How To Choose The Right University For You


Dear Readers,

This week I attended my first ever University Alumni event, and one of the questions people kept asking me was why did you choose Acadia UnivrsityAnd SO often people ask me why did I choose the University of Glasgow in Scotland? I choose both schools for different reasons, as they were separate chapters of my life, and both were the perfect decision for me.

I thought I would write a little bit about how to choose the right university for you because it is such a challenging decision and I am in the midst of making another decision on which university to attend next.

Tips for choosing the right university for you:

  1. Experience. What experience do you want? Some people want a big city experience where they are just a number in a lecture hall of 500 other students, some people are after the wildest parties of their life, other want to move some wheres new to have a new beginning. Knowing what sort of university experience you want will help narrow down school significantly, right from the beginning!!
  2. Learning needs. I work best in small classes, so for me I knew it was best that I started out in a school where my professors would actually know my name. In my fourth year honour seminars at Acadia there were between 6-8 students in my classes which is incredible and exactly what I need academically.
  3. Social Aspect. I personally did not feel that I needed to know somebody else before hand, but for some people they are more comfortable going to a university with a friend or at least having a familiar face. Having a social life is also really important to me so I needed to choose a university that strives socially and has a lot of activities always going on.
  4. External Opportunities. Exchange, Co-op, TA jobs etc. any opportunity that can help build your CV and gain more experience in your field are so important and different schools offer different opportunities outside of the classroom! I always knew I would want to do an exchange so I looked at schools that had good exchange programs and work placement opportunities.
  5. Personal Growth. University is about more than just your education, it is about learning about yourself. I think everyone should push themselves a little outside of their comfort zones because that is the best way to see what you are capable of. In saying that I think it is important to choose a university that you know will give you that extra push!

Each chapter of your life is different, and your needs are always changing. For me my favourite part about Acadia was my department and my professors versus at the University of Glasgow my favourite part was my five incredible best friends who shaped my entire experience for me.

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Choosing a school is always a difficult task but it is also really important. Take advantage of the universities resources to find out more about the schools you are looking at!

I am so proud of the universities I have attended and I am proud to be a part of the Alumni community. Ever since I have received my different grad rings I haven’t taken them off!


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