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Rosé Season


Dear Readers,

Once the sun comes out in the summer it is Rosé Season!! There is honestly nothing I enjoy more than having a glass of Rosé on a warm sunny day. I wasn’t a Rosé fanatic until I went on the Magic Wine Tour in Wolfville when I graduated from Acadia. On that tour the majority of the vineyards chose to show case their Rosé wines. My parents ended up buying a bottle of Rosé from each vineyard we visited. Since then, I have gravitated towards Rosés in the summer time (my rosé today even matches my pink dress!!)


I thought I would share a few of my favourite Rosés today! First of all, I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I will definitely choose a wine based on appearance. The Adobe Rose featured below came home with me the moment I saw it’s delicate floral wrapping paper.




This is probably my favourite Rose, and my favourite detail is the bottom of the bottle. The bottom is shaped into a rose!!

A soft, pale, brilliant pink with bluish tints developing over time towards more orangey nuances. The bouquet releases aromas of summer fruits, cassis and redcurrant. Floral notes of rose along with hints of grapefruit complete the picture. The finish is fresh, offering notes of candy. On the palate the impression is fresh and full, with great aromatic persistence and balance.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.03.10


This is the wine in my photographs in the beautiful wrapping paper!

Bright light pink in colour with intense fruity aromas such as cherry and black currant. Good body, silky and elegant on the palate. Tremendously fresh, fruity and balanced, and easy to drink.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.04.53


One of my favourite wines has to of course be from the Gaspreau Valley!

Fun and refreshing with notes of strawberry, rhubarb and citrus fruit. Cold fermented in stainless steel tanks for a crackling and crisp mouthfeel, pair this Marechal Joffree and L’Acadie blend with Atlantic salmon, pork tenderloin or roast turkey.”

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.05.34

My mom has an entire book on Rosé so I will have to get her input on her favourite rosés to add to my list!


Once I have picked a bottle (or two) of Rosé to share with my friends my next step is always to make a delicious charcuterie board (cheese is realistically my favourite food group). Since I can remember my mother has always put together the best charcuterie boards and I hope I have inherited that talent as well. Today I just threw together what I could find in the fridge and created a vegetarian charcuterie board with gouda, brie, cheddar, humus, cucumbers, grapes and snap peas with rice crackers and baguette. My mom is an “official” professional entertainer, so she has a wide variety of boards to choose from.


What are some of your favourite Rosés and favourite foods to pair them with?!




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