My Go To Start of Fall Outfit


Dear Readers,

Happy FALL everyone! It’s hard to believe that fall has already arrived. I feel like summer just started. Even though it is technically “fall” I do find this time of the year a little harder to dress for because there are days where it is still quite warm out, and other where you can real feel the fall breeze. SO I thought I would share one of my go to outfits for this time of year: sweater, short sleeve blouse, jeans, and slides, a perfect summer to fall outfit.


To me this is one of the perfect transitional outfits for the summer to fall season because of the layering. I usually wear a short sleeve blouse this time of year incase it gets warm I can always take my sweater off. While I was away in Quebec two weeks ago (my next blog post) I was really struggling with what to pack. I decided on each outfit being a pair of pants (jeans or linen) with a short sleeve or sleeveless blouse and a sweater. This outfit is also so easy to recreate with a simple skirt too!! The J. Crew Sidewalk skirt.

I am wearing a collared short-sleeve denim blouse from a couple of years ago. Here are some similar styles:


The knit sweater I am wearing is from Tommy Hilfiger, which I bought a few years ago. Here are some similar sweaters from this season.


This is also the last time of year (until spring) to wear slides and sandals. I am wearing my Bowery Bueno Slides in Pomegranate for this outfit. They are definitely a summer shoe, however with this outfit they work quite well for the “transitional” season. Plus, a little bit of pink is the best way to try and keep the summer season lingering into the fall.


Fall is my favourite season for many reasons, but fall fashion is certainly my number one reason! Stay tuned for more fall outfits.


Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 11.00.39



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