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Adieu 2019!

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Dear Readers,

It seems so crazy that 2019 has come to an end and we are about to enter the new “roaring” twenties. 2019 was a good year (not quite as grand as 2018) but still a good year. It was definitely pretty different living back in Saint John for an entire year, but I am really happy I did move home for numerous reasons. First, I felt like I was able to focus on myself- by learning new things and pushing myself more since I wasn’t adjusting to a new culture nor did I have to study all the time. Secondly, I have been so fortunate to get involved with the community, in particular the arts scene. Plus, I have met so many great people this past year just from my home city (so despite Saint John being little it isn’t “that” little).

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Last year I wrote about my five new years resolutions for 2019: to improve my cooking skills, to work on my fitness, to read, to keep my room clean and to stay in touch with friends. I would say I hit 3/5 of those goals (so over 50% at least). I did work on my fitness, I started running at ran two 5K races this summer plus I started to going to hot yoga regularly! I started reading again, my friends and I even started our own book club which really helped. And, I managed to stay in touch with my friends from abroad, which even included one girls weekend and a few other trips to Halifax to visit friends! I wasn’t great at keeping my room clean (as my parents can testify), but I did do a few purges. Annnnddd I didn’t really work on my cooking skills, the only thing I managed to teach myself was how to poach an egg. I think once I move back out on my own, I will improve on that!

The thing about New Years resolutions (I think) is that they need to be small practical resolutions in order to succeed! Here are my resolutions for 2020:

  1. Run a 10K race. I realized once I got use to running, I do like it and I like the commitment to push myself for a race that I already signed up for, so it makes it that there is no backing out! The first race I ran was the Port City Beer Run, which was SO much fun, and secondly the Into the Night Race for the Marathon by the Sea!
  2. Wake up earlier for work. I am notorious for hitting snooze multiple times on my alarm before actually getting up, then I end up running around and doing my make up at work! So I want to commit to getting up by 7am each morning. I would also like to get in the routine of doing 15-20 minutes of yoga in the morning!
  3. To be more environmentally friendly. I have never been overly eco-friendly, but I have started to become more aware over the last year so I plan to keep reusable mugs on me, reusable straws and reusable bags in my car. I think it is important for everyone to try and make small changes to help improve our earth.
  4. Budget better. This is something I have always been terrible at, but over the last few months I have been trying a lot harder to keep track of my finances: car insurance, paying down my student line of credit and saving for school next year. This is something I want to improve and get myself into a better financial position! (That sounds like such a grown up thing to say 😲)
  5. Keep my room clean. This goes back on the list, because it really is important!! I will achieve it eventually!!

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Cheers to a happy New Year everyone!

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