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A Little Getaway: Glamp Camp NB


Dear Readers,

In my last post, I mentioned that I have “mixed feelings” about winter, but the last few days I was absolutely loving winter. My boyfriend and I went for a little getaway to Glamp Camb NB. I was so excited to check out these glamping domes after reading an article on huddle about Glamp Camp.


Glamp Camp is located in Waterborough New Brunswick, just a little over an hour from Rothesay. I have said it literally a hundred times, but one of the amazing things about living in the Maritimes is how easy it is to get away, just even for a night or two! Here is a little blurb from the website about Glamp Camp:

“A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping is a way to authentically experience the most awe-inspiring places worldwide. Glamp Camp is situated on a private 90-acre wooded property in Waterborough, New Brunswick. Conveniently located within a short driving distance from the 3 major cities of Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John and the U.S. border and offering panoramic views of the biggest freshwater lake in New Brunswick- Grand Lake, we offer 10 luxurious fully-equipped stargazer domes, each one with its own unique theme and wood-fired hot tub.”


The day we drove up, it took a wee bit longer than expected because of a snow storm, but we made it there in one piece! We were the only people there, so they upgraded us to a larger dome with a pellet stove for our stay, which was fantastic.

There are ten different domes, each with it’s own theme. We were so indecisive about with dome to pick and we ended up going with the “007” dome, a classic James Bond theme. The themes ranged from “Nordic” to “I’m so Fancy” to “Treehouse”, literally something for everyone! With the kind upgrade, we ended up in the 1969 dome which was great.


Each dome has its own driveway from the main road. Our dome was facing the woods, and it honestly felt like we were in the middle of the woods with nobody else around. The entire dome was white, despite the clear part which looked out into the forest. There was also an opening at the top of the dome, and the second night we were able to see the stars!


The design of the interior of the dome was really neat. I had never stayed in a dome before, so despite looking at photos on the website, I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect!


I loved the sixties decor in the 1969 dome, and I was happy we ended up in this dome! I’m certain I would have enjoyed any dome though, from the selection online they all looked beautiful. For being a wide open space, the dome was so cozy and WARM. They had just installed the pellet stove that week, which kept us nice and toasty during our stay.


What was neat was that there were no doors inside the dome. Behind the bed to the right was a little kitchen, and on the left was a washroom with a shower.

They also provided white bathrobes, which we basically lived in while we there 😜


The little kitchen had a cook top, toaster, microwave, mini-fridge and keurig (with complimentary K-Cups) so it was super easy to cook for ourselves while we there. Before we left Rothesay we picked up lots of groceries, and drinks to fuel us for our visit. However, if you did forget to pick up groceries and snacks there was an Irving just a ten minute drive away too!


During the afternoon we went out snowing shoeing. Glamp Camp owns 90 acres of land, so we had lots of area to explore!


In the domes they don’t provide wifi or tv (which was great to try and unplug) so we brought a few things to entertain ourselves. We brought a couple of games to play and movies to watch, like my favourite film Midnight in Paris. It was so nice to actually just watch one movie at a time instead of just binge watching through Netflix. I had to ask my Dad where the DVDs were kept because I hadn’t looked for a DVD in a while (or at least since I moved back to Canada). If we hadn’t thought about bringing games or things to entertain ourselves, Glamp Camp had us covered. The building at the entrance of the site had a good selection of board games to borrow! They also had a couple of pairs of snowshoes in case we hadn’t brought our own. Plus, if you did need wifi, they did have wifi in that building.


We had a great time visiting Glamp Camp NB for a couple of days! It was the perfect little getaway from home. Next time we will have to go back in the summertime. Each dome also has a hot tub and a fit pit, so we will have to return when they are not covered in snow 😜 If you feel like you need to getaway from home and work for a couple of days I definitely recommend a trip to Glamp Camp, you won’t be disappointed !

Check out more about Glamp Camp here on their website, or check their Instagramaccount.

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