Moonlight Bazaar

Dear Readers, A few Saturday's ago Uptown Saint John was bustling, all because of the Moonlight Bazaar. The Moonlight Bazaar is a street festival present by Civilized in Uptown Saint John. A giant moon was hung between Canterbury Street and Grannan Late. This was the third year of the Moonlight Bazaar and it attracted about… Continue reading Moonlight Bazaar

Food & Drink

My Favourite Restaurants in Uptown Saint John

Dear Readers, I can not hide the fact that I am a bit of foodie.. more importantly I just love restaurants, and Saint John for being a small city has so many incredible restaurants. Brunch: Britts: Britts is one of the best pubs uptown, and my absolute favourite place for brunch. The pub is located… Continue reading My Favourite Restaurants in Uptown Saint John