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Why everyone should study abroad

Dear Readers, The best thing I ever did for myself was accepting my exchange offer for my third year to go study at Lund University in Sweden. If I had not moved to Sweden for a year, my life would have turned out completely different, and I think I would have had an extremely different… Continue reading Why everyone should study abroad


National Museum of Scotland: Fashion & Style

Dear Readers, So last week I was in Edinburgh for the day! It was my fourth time going to Edinburgh since I have been here, but each time has been for school. With my Master's program, we get to go visit museums fairly often. The fantastic part about this is that we get privet tours… Continue reading National Museum of Scotland: Fashion & Style

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The Start of the University of Glasgow Adventure

Dear Readers, So as of today I have officially lived in Glasgow for three weeks, and so far everything is absolutely fantastic. When I moved to Sweden, everything was wonderful at the beginning but still a little overwhelming, and I have yet to feel overwhelmed in the slightest. The only thing is, occasionally some people's… Continue reading The Start of the University of Glasgow Adventure