Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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This weekend I vistied the Botanical Gardens here in Glasgow for the first time, and I was definitely impressed. The gardens are located in the West End of the city, just off of  Great Western Road. Within the gardens there are several glasshouses, a tea room, and multiple walking paths. The gardens are usually pretty busy with vistiors exploring the different rooms. There is also a significant amount of staff around taking care of the plants throughout the gardens.



The gardens were founded in 1817 by Thomas Hopkirk, and expand over 8 acres, near Sauchiehall Street closer to the University of Glasgow. In 1842 the gardens moved to their current location, with a collection of over 12 000 species of plants.



The displays inside the buildings are extremely beautiful. The combination of exotic plants, warm temperature, and trickling water, really creates the illusion that you are no longer in Glasgow. If you were to lose your eyes, feel the warm air, and listen you would honestly think that you were in the midst of a rain forest.





I am wearing black knee high boots from Deichmann, a tartan skirt just from Primark, and a Gap black turtle neck. It is definitley starting to get colder here in Glasgow, so sweaters and boots have become a must.



The Kibble Palace building was built in 1873 and is the most prominent building. The building is used for different events, and displays the garden’s collection of statues. Including statues of: King Robert of Sicily, Eve, and the Sisters of Bethany. This building is also the main home for the New Zealand and Austrialian collections, some of which have been a part of the Botanic collection for over 120 years!!


So if you are ever visiting Glasgow carve out an hour to take a walk through the Botanic Gardens. It is beautiful rain or shine. While we were visiting we experienced the classic Glasgow weather, rain and sunshine, so I can definitley say it is beautiful whatever the weather.


Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.18.17



Glasgow Botanic Gardens:

Photography: Claire Paetkau


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