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My Favourite Restaurants in Uptown Saint John

Dear Readers,

I can not hide the fact that I am a bit of foodie.. more importantly I just love restaurants, and Saint John for being a small city has so many incredible restaurants.



Britts is one of the best pubs uptown, and my absolute favourite place for brunch. The pub is located on Princess Street in the same building where Miller Brittain (famous New Brunswick artist) has his art studio, hence the name of the pub! My favourite time is being there in the morning, especially before heading to work on a Sunday morning.

Favourites: Fisk Cakes Eggs Benedict and the Britt’s Skillet

Location: 42 Princess Street

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Lemon Grass:

Orginally I would go to Lemon Grass/ Peppers in the evening for drinks or to listen to a band, however, I now prefer to go to eat during the day, lunch in particular! The lunch special is such a good deal ($11.00) and it is right beside the museum so it is an easy stop. The food is always so tasty, they have an awesome beer selection on tap, and the staff is awesome.

Favourites: Vegetarian Pad Thai

Location: 1 Market Square


Urban Deli:

This has always been my family’s favourite place for lunch uptown. It is such a great deli, the atmosphere is awesome, and I can never decide what to get because everything on the menu is soooo yummy. Plus they all do take away AND cater.

Favourites: Vegetarian Burger, Buffalo Chicken Grill Cheese, Tomato Soup and Quinoa Salad (basically I love everything)

Location: 68 King Street

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East Coast Bistro:

This has always been one of my parents favourite restaurants and I love it just as much. Every meal is always so delicious you can never go wrong, especially in the seafood department! It’s a little bit fancier which is nice too, I love any occasion to dress up a little extra.

Favourites: ECB Beef Burger or Cauliflower Gratin or any Seafood dish

Location: 60 Prince William Street

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After moving home from Glasgow (the Indian Capitol of the UK) Indian food has been such a staple to me. I love to cook curries but it is ever better when somebody else makes them for me of course! The atmosphere in Thandi’s has a real big city feel and it is always an enjoyable evening having dinner there.

Favourites: Matar Paneer, Butter Chicken, the Seafood Stir Fry AND my Mom says they have the best wonton soup in Saint John

Location: 33 Canterbury Street


For being such a small city there are so many fantastic restaurants in Saint John, especially uptown, plus going out to dinner is one of my favourite things 😋. One of my favoruite parts about moving back to SJ has been to spend time uptown. The uptown area is so beautiful and there is always something going on. What are some of your favourite restaurants in uptown Saint John!?



3 thoughts on “My Favourite Restaurants in Uptown Saint John

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the meatloaf sandwich at Urbna Deli!!! You must have tried it. It doesn’t sound appealing but it is amazing 😍

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