My Favourite Floral Midi Skirt

germain 10

Dear Readers,

I have been loving summer in Saint John this year. I have been keeping busy with work and all sorts of other extra curricular activities, all of which has me spending so much time uptown Saint John (realistically I should just move uptown already).

Of course one of my favourite things about summer is summer clothing. One of my go to outfits for work during the summer is this midi length floral skirt and a white collared blouse.

germain 1

germain 11

I have had this midi length floral skirt in my collection for a few years now, it was a part of the Summer/Fall 2015 collection at GAP. First of all I love this skirt and I wear it ALL times of the year. In the fall I pair it was a jean jacket, and in the winter a turtle neck with knee high heeled boots!



germain 4

The bag I am carrying is one of my favourites, especially for work!!! Lucky for me, this bag was a gift from my grandmother 😍 This bag is from Matt & Nat and is one of my go to bags for work, as it fits my laptop perfectly, plus I love the colour.


germain 2

The shoes I am wearing are one of my favourites that I have had for a few years that my mom gave me, and surprisingly enough they are just from Target! They are so comfortable, and the medium wedge heel is perfect  Here are a few similar styles:



germain 3

Without realizing it, there is a theme of gifts being worn in this blog post, as “Santa” gave  these Iris & Lily London Pearls to me for Christmas this year. They are my favourite pair of pearls, and I am often too afraid to wear them!!!


germain 8

germain 9

germain 13

The sunglasses I am wearing are from Matt & Nat. I love my Margot Matt & Nat sunglasses so much I decided to grab another pair. They are SO light and at an excellent price point $60.00 – $70.00 for a good quality pair of sunnies.


germain 7germain 12

Completing my work day look is my hair in my signature messy bun which you can see so beautifully in this photograph. However, I did manage to at least match my elastic to my outfit!

What are some of your favourite outfits to wear in the summer for work?

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 11.00.39

Photography: The Lovely Allie Ruigrok

Check out more from Allie below:


Instagram: @allieruigrok 



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