Moonlight Bazaar

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Dear Readers,

A few Saturday’s ago Uptown Saint John was bustling, all because of the Moonlight Bazaar. The Moonlight Bazaar is a street festival present by Civilized in Uptown Saint John. A giant moon was hung between Canterbury Street and Grannan Late. This was the third year of the Moonlight Bazaar and it attracted about 18 000 people!!! One of my favourite details about this event is it attracts all age – young and old.

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The Moon Light Bazaar this year was even bigger than before, as it was the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Canterbury was lined with vendors selling homemade items such as soap, needlework, and colour prints. There were tons of food vendors ranging from kettle-corn and lemonade to international cuisine, including Moosehead Breweries had their brand new custom-built shipping container bar. PLUS fortune tellers and tarot readers were available to the guests as well. Going up Granan Lane between Canterbury and Germain, the street had sod laid out for people to sit and watch the moon!

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Even a new art mural was pained for the event! A brand new mural was painted by world-renowned artist Dodo Ose on the retaining wall at the corner of Canterbury and Princess Streets. The new work of art was sponsored by Commercial Properties Limited and Stewart McKelvey.

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As mentioned earlier, there were SO many people uptown. I had so many friends who I didn’t even run into (I honestly saw more of my parents friends than my own). Moosehead even ran out of beer at one point and had to restock, and the line for Picraoons was about a half hour wait!!! I can’t even complain though, because it was just that cool to have that many people enjoying Saint John at the same time.

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Just after 11pm, musicians (including my good friend Stephen) started playing music from the roof of a few of the uptown buildings that were looking down at the streets where all the people were. They were harnessed in and played a few songs by David Bowie and Radiohead. It was a super cool idea!!! After that music, the street basically became a huge dance-floor with a DJ playing, and who doesn’t love dancing in the street at night under a giant moon!!!

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It is so fantastic to see such a great event like this happening in little Saint John. People were buzzing about this event for weeks before hand!  On another note, don’t forget another great Saint John evening is coming up this Friday August 16th in uptown Saint John, THIRD SHIFT!!! Plus you will see me actually running around at this event🌙


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Photography: The Lovely Allie Ruigrok

Check out more from Allie below:


Instagram: @allieruigrok 

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