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Dear Readers,

I had the most wonderful weekend, I graduated from my undergrad!!! With a Bachelor of Arts Honours in History with a minor in Classics!!! At my university it is a five day event, and each day was just as wonderful! I attended a history banquet, parents night (all the parents go to the university bar), a wine tour, a formal, and of course convocation. I had so much fun picking out my outfits to wear for each of these events as well, it was an excuse to buy new dresses and shoes of course.



When it comes to picking out a dress for graduation, I wanted to go for a comfy yet classy look, and I wanted a dress with pockets to hide my phone and lipstick of course. I ended up finding a dress at J. Crew last summer that I just loved. It was a white eyelet style that had an online neck and nice flare from the waist out. I wanted white so it would go well with my black robe a white hood, and I paired it was nude heels.


I would recommend going for a simple solid colour dress under a gown because you don’t want your outfit to look too flashy with your robes. Also I would avoid a dress that is strappy, to once again not be too distracting, or a dress that can ride up or slip off your shoulders because you don’t want to be fixing your dress the entire time!


When it comes to shoes you want comfortable heels that you can walk in (I wish I had worn wedges), because you do not want to be the girl who trips on stage or is wearing heels that are too high she can’t walk properly!

I have picked out a few dresses that I think are good fits for graduation. Classic. Comfy. Elegant.








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