Swim Suit Season

Dear Readers,

After a recent evening spent at a friends hot tub, I realized I was in need of new swim suits. Obviously swim suits have a technical purpose, but there are soooo many trendy, and comfortable styles to choose from! I

One pieces are making a come back in style, and quite rightfully. They are so practical and so comfortable. Plus they are so easy to be confident in!! One pieces don’t need to be the Nike athletic style, they can be just as attractive as a bikini. Plus you do not have to worry about bottoms or a top becoming loose or untied!

I picked up a new black one piece from Ralph Lauren! Its so simple and comfy I just love it, and I also picked up the twisted-bandeau bikini from Old Navy in red. Which is also really comfortable. I like a bathing suit that has full coverage and support. I do tend to stick with more basic colours like black and navy, but I did choose to spruce it up with a red bikini for this season! Honestly, we’re only young for so long, so why not wear a bikini that is super fun?

Here are a few of my other favourite swim suits for this season!! I have usually tended to stick to more basic colours like black, and navy, but this year I am embracing more fun coloured styles! We are only young once, right? So we might as well wear fun prints while we can pull it off!

ALSO if you are more interested in one pieces J. Crew really nailed it this year with designing one pieces. I am literally obsessed with all of them, and I will probably end up ordering one in the near future… all of these bathing suits below are from J. Crew!!


Happy swim suit shopping! The sun and warm weather will be here before we know it!




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